Life isn’t easy when someone is absent forever who were very close to you, your comfort, your routine speaking companion, your strength and the reason of being YOU!.

Life will never be the same when you return home to spend your HOLIDAYS!

And life would not give a second chance to see them AGAIN!

No matter how busy you try to be or deny the reality, a moment when the lights goes off and world is at peace you get the memories of the people whom you can never meet in your life again. Though a day passes into weeks, weeks into months and months into years, you can’t forget what happened on that “Bad Day”. You can’t let go the memory of that fateful day!

Acceptance of the people whom you look forward everyday in your pains and gains that they are no more around you to rejoice the moment when you’re in joy or hold you when you fall makes one very vulnerable and painful. A lonely self will be created within oneself when you lose someone and the replacement will never be found till your last sunset.

Always being surrounded by two most important people in my life; never in a day of my existence I thought that a day would arrive when I have to live alone without hearing their voices and seeing them when I return to my home. These two people have been there for me from the moment I opened my eyes in this world and all my life, I could share everything without being judged. I was a child in their eyes all through and never a grown soul. I would be pampered and loved unconditionally all through. Wonder….now whom I look forward too! Who would I be with when I want to be a child again! Who would wait for me near the doorsteps when I return from my tiresome work travels! Who would I share my fears and boost my achievements! Who would be proud of Me like the way they were!

Life and death is not in our hands and we are never prepared for that anyday. All who are born should say good bye someday. But if you never get a chance to say goodbye to the people who matters most, it always hurts. It always lingers in our mind that we could have said something nice before they left us. But if the death is unexpected, there is nothing painful to bear in life. Conscious always says that they are still with us when the subconscious knows the truth. You can deceive the human conscious but not the sub conscious. You can deny the reality but you can’t look forward for their arrival. Everything shatters and everything looks dismay.

This is life where one has to say good bye to the other and one day we say good bye to others. We can’t change the creation. But living the life between the gaps of saying two good byes will be difficult. Acceptance of reality is difficult. Change in mindset is difficult. Years may pass you, but it’s very difficult to accept someone will never be there anymore. You can’t never hold them or see their face again will always scare you somewhere deep inside a corner of your mind. Accepting that they will never come back into your life will always be disappointing thought through ones last sunset.

“Do I”

I don’t want someone who can’t be mine but can be others
I don’t want someone who can’t value or respect me for whom I am
I don’t want to be an option and unwanted in someone life
I don’t want someone who is self-centered and be insensitive towards me
I have one life to live n don’t want to regret for being with people who use me as a commodity.
I prefer to cry now then cry every day in life for being there!

One is born out of ones parents love. And one shouldn’t kill self n make them regret till they are alive! If one can’t value the relationship, don’t cling to it just for namesake. Life dunno end here. There is lot of things to do, see and feel!

Hardship does exist in any relationship. Not all are blessed to have happiness 24/7. Some values relationship and some do not go that extra mile to make someone happy. Some being in relationship creates turmoil and pain with the intention of satisfying ones greed and some give their entire life to another.

When we are young, love is fantasy. Filmy life provokes to build dreams on the wee hours. Running round the trees epitomize the love for one another. Dreams are filled with fairyland where one rules. As one grows the beliefs seeded in young days ceases. Realization occurs and sudden change of understanding each other leads to mere fights. What seems rosy once upon a time vanishes day by day.

I wish life was like the movie 50 First Dates. As in the movie, Lucy doesn’t remember anything next day, wish we could also forget what happened today and move on.

There will be less pain in the relationships and more new beginning!
There will be less possibility of remembering the soul who has given pain!
There will be less fight and more smiles as u don’t remember the mistakes!
There will be more sunshine then darken clouds!
There will be more ME than always YOU!

As Day passes, so do the memories fade. Again there will be SUNSHINE and there will be more SMILES 🙂IMG_5180

Into the Woods :)



“There is a pleasure in the pathless woods,
There is a rapture on the lonely shore,
There is society, where none intrudes,
By the deep sea, and music in its roar:
I love not man the less, but Nature more” 
                                      ― George Gordon By